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Jun 9, 2021

Emilio Castillo has led Oakland soul/funk legends Tower Of Power since founding the band in 1968. Since then he's established the group as one of the most influential funk and soul acts of all time, with artists as diverse as Prince, James Brown and the Red Hot Chili Peppers declaring themselves fans.

As with any career that's lasted more than five decades there have been ups and downs, with changing musical trends, substance abuse and shifting line-ups taking their toll at various points. But throughout it all Emilio has been there, with fellow founding member Stephen "Doc" Kupka by his side, bringing the Oakland Soul to willing audiences around the globe.

We talk about it all in this interview, from Emilio's path into music to the band's early '70s success, from overcoming his substance abuse issues to Tower of Power's recently released live album and DVD, '50 Years Of Funk & Soul, Live At The Fox Theatre'.