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Jun 1, 2022

The debut album by Jaguar Jonze – AKA Brisbane artist Deena Lynch – is called Bunny Mode.

The record’s title may sound upbeat and playful, but the story behind it is heartbreaking, as it describes the behaviour Deena used as a coping mechanism when she was abused as a child.

She is a survivor in the very real sense of the word, having not only made it through her childhood, but as an adult she was sexually assaulted by two music producers. She responded by bravely speaking out, and in doing so became one of the leading voices of Australia’s #MeToo movement.

Deena's advocacy work has played a big part in Jaguar Jonze’s public profile, but so too has her boundless creativity. Jaguar Jonze is just one of Deena’s creative outlets, with Spectator Jonze focusing on visual art, and Dusky Jonze on photography.

We talk about Bunny Mode as well as Deena's life, her art and her advocacy work in this interview.