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Jul 1, 2020

It may say Mark Landon on his birth certificate, but to the world at large he is M-Phazes, one of Australia’s most successful producers and songwriters. He’s worked with everyone from Amy Shark, Noah Cyrus and Daniel Johns to Kehlani, Ruel, Madonna, Demi Lovato and Eminem, with whom he won a Grammy in 2015 when The Marshall Mathers LP 2 won Best Rap Album.

And when you see a list of credits like that, you probably think Phazes has it made and his struggles are behind him. But as you’ll hear in our conversation, Phazes is really honest about his battles with self-doubt and insecurity, what he’s done to overcome them, and how since moving to Los Angeles several years ago he’s pretty much had to start from square one to establish himself there.