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Nov 3, 2021

Pond came out of the incredibly fertile Fremantle scene of the mid-2000s. It’s the scene that gave birth to acts like Tame Impala – of which Nick Allbrook was also a member – and Mink Mussel Creek, as well as solo acts like Jay Watson’s Gum and Shiny Joe Ryan.

Thanks to the fact that Fremantle and the nearby city of Perth are some of the most isolated cities in the world, the whole scene was able to develop out of the reach of the music industry.

Nick knew a thing or two about seclusion, having growing up in a small town called Derby, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town of any size. We talk about his upbringing in this interview, his memories of coming up in the Fremantle scene, his decision to leave Tame Impala in 2013, and Pond’s new album, '9'.