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Nov 4, 2020

Richard James Burgess is often credited with creating the terms New Romantic and EDM. He also invented the world’s first electronic drum kit in the Simmons SDS-V; produced the first two albums by Spandau Ballet, amongst others; pioneered the use of synthesisers, sampling and computers in music; worked with artists such as Kate Bush; and forged his own successful career as a musician, perhaps most notably with the band Landscape, who had a Top 5 hit in the UK with 1981’s “Einstein A Go Go”, off their second album, From the Tea-rooms of Mars... to the Hell-holes of Uranus.

And that is literally just scraping the surface of Richard’s incredible career.

As of today Richard is using his decades of experience to help promote growth and awareness of independent music in his role as President & CEO of A2IM, the American Association of Independent Music. 

Richard talks about his career and shares his insights into the state of the music industry in this in-depth interview.