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Mar 9, 2022

Foxes – AKA British singer-songwriter Louisa Rose Allen – recently released her third album, The Kick.

It’s her first full-length in six years, and follows a period out of the spotlight during which she took stock of her career and found a new team and label.

The period leading up to that hiatus had been a non-stop whirlwind of activity that kicked off when Foxes’ featured on Zedd’s gigantic 2012 hit, "Clarity". From there she released two well received albums and collaborated with artists like Fall Out Boy and Rudimental, all while touring the world with Pharrell and Coldplay and as a headliner in her own right.

But somewhere along the way Foxes felt like she was losing the core of who she was as an artist, so she decided to take time out and re-evaluate her career.

We talk about that journey in this interview as well as Foxes’ upbringing in the UK, her path into music, her new album 'The Kick', and loads more.