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Mar 2, 2022

Danish singer-songwriter MØ has just released her new album, Motordrome.

The record’s title refers to the hamster wheel MØ felt she was on for years, saying yes to everything, never taking a break, all the while dealing with the success of her solo career and her giant 2015 smash with Major Lazer, "Lean On". By the end of the touring cycle for her second album, Forever Neverland, she felt like she’d lost herself.

So for the first time, MØ took time away to get back in touch with who she was as a person and an artist. For a woman who spent her formative years playing in punk bands and deeply involved with the activist and anarchist scenes in Denmark, it was an opportunity to remember where she came from, and chart the path of where she was going.

We talk about that whole journey in this interview...