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Feb 23, 2022

British artist Sam Gumbley – AKA S-X – first made a name for himself as a producer in his teens. He was 17 when he created an instrumental track called "Woo Riddim", which became a fixture on the UK grime scene.

From there he worked with artists like Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino, even earning a Grammy nomination for his contribution to Gambino’s Because The Internet album.

Just as S-X’s career seemed to be flying the work dried up, and he had to take a day job in the warehouse of his hometown’s football club, the Wolverhampton Wanderers. It was during that period he decided he was going to launch his career as an artist and start singing on the beats he was making, and before long he was supporting Lily Allen on an American tour and making mixtapes. Now he's getting ready to release his debut album.

It’s been a long, sometimes bumpy road for Sam, who talks about it all in this interview.