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Aug 4, 2021

Since forming The Cult with vocalist Ian Astbury in 1983, Billy Duffy has proven himself to be one of those guitarists who can shapeshift musically, yet still sound like Billy Duffy. So whether you’re listening to the more indie leaning sounds of 1985’s Love, the AC/DC-styled rock of 1987’s Electric or the arena rock bombast of 1989’s Sonic Temple, it all sounds like the work of one guitarist.

When The Cult went on hiatus in 1995, Billy founded Coloursøund with Mike Peters from The Alarm. They released one self-titled album in 1999 before Billy returned to The Cult – but now, 22 years later, they’ve just released their new album, Coloursøund II!

We talk about the record in this interview, as well as Billy’s upbringing in Northern England, his earliest experiences playing music with Johnny Marr and Morrissey before they went off to form The Smiths, the birth of The Cult and their late '80s success, and loads more.