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Jul 14, 2021

The Wiggles are one of the most successful children’s entertainment groups in history.

Guiding them for 24 years was Paul Field, brother of founder and blue Wiggle, Anthony Field. What you may not know about Paul and Anthony is that prior to The Wiggles they were pop stars in Australia with the band The Cockroaches, alongside their brother John as well as future purple Wiggle, Jeff Fatt.

Last year Paul retired from managing The Wiggles and he’s just released his first ever solo album called Love Songs For Lonely People. Featuring guests such as Jimmy Barnes and Australian country musician Kasey Chambers, it’s a collection of originals and covers of songs Paul has always loved.

We talk about that album in this interview, as well as Paul's days in The Cockroaches playing alongside bands like INXS, and how those experiences helped inform the way The Wiggles operated as they climbed to global stardom.