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Jul 13, 2022

Given that he’ll celebrate his 44th birthday in 2022, it’s crazy to think that Ben Lee has been part of the musical landscape for three decades. As a 14 year old his band Noise Addict were plucked from a Sydney garage and championed by acts like Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys, introducing Ben to a worldwide audience and setting the platform for him to launch his solo career at the age of 16

Since then Ben has forged a career that can best be described as eclectic. He’s released a children’s album called Ben Lee Sings Songs About Islam For The Whole Family; co-written a musical called B Is For Beer; released a covers album paying tribute to the alternative acts he loved as a teen; made a largely instrumental album inspired by his experiments with Ayahuasca called Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work; and then there were the hit alternative pop records like 2005’s Awake Is The New Sleep.

Add into the mix Ben’s forays into acting, his quests for spiritual enlightenment and his work as a death doula, and it all adds up to one of the most colourful careers in modern music. We talk about it all in this interview, as well as Ben's new album, I'M FUN!, which is released on August 19.