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Apr 29, 2020

For a brief period before Brian recorded his latest album, Local Honey, he considered giving up music as a full-time profession. With 40 just around the corner, and a career that had far exceeded what he could have hoped for while working construction in New Jersey in his early 20s, he found himself wondering where he fit in, and what he had left to do.

It wasn’t the first time he’d had something of a career crisis. As he explains in this interview, the success he experienced in The Gaslight Anthem was tainted by external pressures and an at-times combative media, which ultimately contributed to the band’s breakup.

We talk about all that and more in this interview, as Brian takes us through his upbringing in New Jersey, his early days with The Gaslight Anthem and the ups and downs of their success, the decision to split that band and how it’s all led him to where he is today.